Over the past 20 years Brechin has digitized content for thousands of clients globally, including archives, museums, libraries, universities, corporations, media outlets, and private archives.

High Quality
Digital Archiving

Brechin brings over two decades of digitization experience to the Museum, Archive, Library, and Corporate Communities exceeding international quality standards.

High Volume Mass Digitization Expertise

Brechin has provided leadership and digitization services to several large mass conversion projects. These projects required the company to go on-site over extended years converting film, documents, and books held at multiple sites across the country.

Secure Digitization
Facilities or On-Site

Brechin receives content from around the world at its government approved secure digitization facilities. The company has extensive experience deploying imaging teams at on-site at client locations to provide digitization and metadata services.


Slides, Negatives, Prints & Glass Plates

Brechin has digitized large collections of still images to international archive quality standards while adopting state of the art imaging science technology to create the highest quality image files.

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Special Collections & Rare Books

Brechin's experience in the digitization of Special Collection and Rare Books has been acknowledged internationally, sending imaging specialists on-site to work with librarians and archivists.

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Documents & Reports

Brechin has digitized millions of pages of government personal records, reports, and documents. Employees and digitization centers have the required government security clearances to securely handle the content.

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Project Management

Brechin combines its project management and digitization skills to simultaneously manage large conversion projects occurring on-site at multiple archives, libraries, and museums.

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Photography of Artifacts & Art

Brechin has a team of professional photographers on-site at museums shooting and creating digital archives of three-dimensional artifacts and rare art.

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Books & Manuscripts

Brechin has scanned and digitized over a million pages of bound books and manuscripts. Included are archival original files with repurposed OCR multi-page PDFs for internet purposes.

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The company has high-resolution microfilm scanners that have digitized many millions of microfilm images from Archives to Corporations.

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Brechin has been digitizing old fragile newspapers contained in bound and unbound books or on microfilm for the past 20 years.

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Maps & Engineering Drawings

Brechin has digitized a wide range of maps and engineering drawings. These include old, fragile maps at the Library and Archives Canada, and original engineering drawings of the AVRO Arrow, at NRCC.

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